"The first Superbowl championship was held in 1967. Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35 to 10."

Athlete Spotlight: Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens

This year we want to take time to spotlight the NFL players that have been supportive of Super Bowl Gospel Celebration (SBGC) over the years. Today’s light shines on Ray Lewis with the Baltimore Ravens.

Ray Lewis has been a host of SBGC and has performed with The NFL Players Choir. He loves Gospel Music and states that it inspires him daily.

Ray Lewis, the future hall of fame Middle Linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, has earned a lot of respect throughout the league.  When fans see the number 52 anywhere, whether it be on a license plate or on a lottery ticket, they immediately link it to the number that Ray wears when he is smashing Halfbacks into the turf.  And Ray’s influence reaches beyond the boundaries of the state of Maryland.  Across the U.S. the name Ray Lewis is synonymous with terms like “champion”, or “play maker”.  However, did you know that you can also think of the term “Christian” when you think of Ray?

In a recent interview with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes radio show, Ray said, “To get to God, you gotta go through things.”  Don’t look at my yesterday, look at my tomorrow.” He continued, “I’ve said it before, God never changes.”  The relationship was there all along.”

  • Kalani

    With all due respect to Mr. Lewis, to get to God you gotta go through God’s Son, Jesus Christ first and foremost. The relationship with God is there only when one surrenders control of their life to Christ as Lord and Savior. Christ is the only “thing you gotta go through”….”I am the way, and the truth, and the life. Nobody comes to the Father except through me.” -Jesus in John 14:6