"The first Superbowl championship was held in 1967. Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35 to 10."

Malcolm Jenkins – The Journey to the Super Bowl

It’s that time of the year again. NFL Playoffs have started and are in full force. As the weeks go by, we will become closer to knowing the NFC champion and the AFC champion. In what will seem like a flash, the NFL will have crowned a new world champion. The beauty in the format of the NFL playoffs is that any team still in the running still holds on to a chance to attain the prestigious Super Bowl Championship Ring.

The journey to the Super Bowl can bring many challenges to the players. With so much on the line, players experience a pressure unlike playing in any other regular game they’ve ever played in. That being said, many of us seek refuge from the pressure by putting our faith in God.

As the Super Bowl draws closer, I also get enthused about the festivities that couple the game. Super Bowl Gospel Celebration is the perfect outlet, allowing a celebration of the relationship between faith and football. Faith and football are so intertwined in our lives, and this concert is a great way to showcase to the world how the two work together.

It takes faith to believe in yourself and to follow God’s path for you. It’s that same faith that led many players to believe they could become successful athletes. Off the field, that faith helps us build strong, lasting relationships and families. Super Bowl Gospel Celebration is a fellowship for those who have a desire to celebrate the relationship of faith and football.