"The first Superbowl championship was held in 1967. Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35 to 10."

Marvin Winans Joining SBGC!

Have you heard? Marvin Winans is going to be performing at The 2013 National Football League Sanctioned Super Bowl Gospel Celebration! Who do you think is going to be announced next?

  • devonamitchell1972

    Good morning,
    Iam trying to register for the contest to be able to sing with Pastor Winans at superbowl 2013 but ive been on american family website, gospelflava website and now this one and there are no links whatsoever to enter the contest. Please refresh or guide me to the proper location(s) so that I may be able to enter. Thank you!
    Calandra D. Mitchell (314) 517-7585

  • Gloria Hayes

    You may not know this but, of all the weekends, this is my birthday on Super Bowl Sunday. I am originally from New Orleans and would love to come down for the gospel festivities. Oh we’ll it is just a wish and a desire. In the words of my favorite song from the movie, I can do bad all by myself, You just don’t want to know. Sounds like agreat lineup. I pray for the event to be a powerful witness and a great success. Best wishes to the promoter.